perfect length for video ads


Our Videos Ads range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds in length with 15 seconds being the sweet spot. This is the recommended length for video ads and widely accepted on most advertising platforms. I.E. Snapchat, however, only allows for 10 second video length on their advertising platform. Youtube gives advertisers up to 7-10 seconds to get their message out before the user can skip the advertisement. Peoples attention spans on social media are so very short so it's very important to be as short but also as sweet as possible when using video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInked In and others. The real sweet spot with video ads when it comes to length of the video is 10-20 seconds with 15 seconds being almost perfect. We like to refer to it as the "555 Rul"e. 5 seconds to grab attention, 5 seconds to get message across, 5 seconds of calls to actions, branding and contact info.

Swift Delivery - As Soon As 24 Hours!

We will upload the video mock ups within 24 hours to your account for your approval and will notify you by email.